Chelan Valley Senior Living Initiative

The Chelan Valley Senior Living Initiative mission is to develop community understanding and support for a clear and shared vision “Build a Pathway of Senior Living and Care in the Chelan Valley”.  This vision is the foundation for a collaboration of community leaders and organizations to plan, seek partners and resources, and develop senior living and care options over the next 15 years.

This report to the community is the culmination of the work of dedicated community members during the past twelve months. The Senior Living Initiative Steering Committee members hope that this work will help inform ongoing efforts to meet senior living and care needs in the Chelan Valley area.

Our Recommendations For the Chelan Valley:
1)  Develop affordable senior living and care options in Chelan Valley as soon as is feasible. Expand services to assist more seniors to live in their homes as long as possible, such as transportation and affordable home care. More affordable housing is also needed for the expected increase in the number of workers who will provide services to seniors.

2)  Develop a “campus of care” that reflects the following values and features: Long term residential options that are affordable for a wide range of income levels, and include independent living, assisted living, nursing care and memory care. Spouses and friends who need different levels of care will be able to reside near one another; Offer many services in one location near town, school, hospital, and a walkable environment; Build a sense of community and neighborhood; Offer spaces and services for coordinated care, wellness, recreation, and technology programs.

The Senior Living Initiative is people who care about the quality of senior living in the Lake Chelan Valley.  Working together we all have a part to play.  Help design and create more senior living options for our community.  Anyone with a passionate interest in the quality of life in the valley is invited to join.


Have you considered what the future needs might be regarding:

In-home Services?   Assisted living?   Skilled nursing care?   Memory care?   Independent living?