Adult Care Homes

An Adult Care Home (or Adult Family Home) is a typical home that looks like most other homes in a neighborhood.  There’s a very high likelihood that you pass several in your daily routine.  They’re set up to care for people who need assistance in their life.  They are licensed by the State of Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Aging and Adult Services, can care for between two to six individuals and provide for all the daily needs of their residents:

  •    Sleeping accommodations
  •    Leisure and activity spaces
  •    Meals & snacks
  •    Laundry & housekeeping services
  •    Assistance with activities of daily living
  •    Personal care
  •    Twenty-four hour supervision
  •    Socialization through planned activities

Homes with special certifications and licenses can also provide therapies and skilled nursing services.

Each home’s care provider chooses the level of care in that home.  Some homes specialize in caring for people who are physically frail.  Other homes care for people who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  Some homes provide support to individuals who are frail of both body and mind.  A limited number of homes also care for younger adults with developmental disabilities.  Each home has its own area of specialty and unique personality.  Providers and their staff must be certified in the various areas of specialty that they provide.

In addition, they must attain certification in the fundamental courses on care giving, first-aid, CPR and complete annual continuing education requirements.

Among providers and caregiving staff,  there is a depth of knowledge and experience that spans a broad spectrum.  Some homes are operated by medical professionals such as physicians, nurses or therapists.  Other homes are operated by para-professionals such as Certified Nursing Assistants or Nursing Assistants Registered.  And there are homes that are operated by caregivers, who have gathered experience by working in other long-term care settings or through practical, life experiences.

When a family is first seeking care, they often choose in-home care, an assisted living community or a skilled nursing facility.  Although these alternatives are excellent options for some individuals, an Adult Family Home may be better suited to meet the individual needs of an older adult.  If the person has needs that crop up throughout the day, or if the older adult suffers from memory loss, then a move to a care community such as an Adult Family Home will likely provide a better and longer-lasting solution.