Aging & Adult Care

Aging & Adult Care of Central Washington

Who are we?
Aging and Adult Care of Central Washington (AACCW) is an Area Agency on Aging (AAA), and is part of a network of 13 AAA’s in the state of Washington.  AACCW operates and serves a Public Service Area (PSA) that is comprised of Adams, Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Lincoln and Okanogan Counties.  AACCW receives both Federal and State funds to administer a wide range of direct and contracted services for adults 60 and over and people with disabilities.  These services are provided to enhance the quality of an individual’s life.  The services allow him or her to live independently in the home as long as possible to avoid the more costly alternative of a nursing home.Chelan County Office of Aging & Adult Care
50 S.E Street, Suite A
East Wenatchee, WA.

For information and assistance on the various programs listed, call 886-0700 or (800)-572-4459.


COPES Case Management (Age 18+)
Case management assessments and reassessments for functionally impaired adults at risk of institutionalization.  Case management also helps clients in accessing, obtaining, and effectively using the necessary services which will enable them to maintain the highest level of independence in the least restrictive setting.

Family Caregiver Support Program
The Family Caregiver Support Program helps unpaid caregivers who provide care to persons 18 years and older to make informed decisions about current and future care plans. This program provides a variety of services to support and help meet the needs of those who provide care to individuals who are frail and/or have a disability.  Services may include caregiver training, information, respite care, counseling, help purchasing needed supplies, etc.

Information and Assistance (I&A)
Information and assistance is designed to locate, identify, and advocate for older and disabled persons who need services and link them to the most appropriate resources.

Nursing Services (Age 18+)
Nursing services are provided in residential and home settings.  The services enhance the Community Options Program Entry System (COPES), Medicaid Personal Care, and the Developmental Disabilities program.  Nursing services are initiated on a referral basis from case managers and social workers.

Long-term Care Ombudsman Services
Volunteer Ombudsmen are trained to advocate for the rights of residents in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes, adult family homes, and veterans’ homes.  The program provides an effective means for the receipt, investigation, and resolution of complaints and concerns about the quality of life in long-term care facilities.

Mental Health Ombudsman Service
The Mental Health Ombudsman advocates ensuring individual rights are respected and services respond to consumer needs and preferences.  The ombudsman helps to resolve problems at the lowest level possible and can also help with the grievance and/or fair hearing process.

Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (Age 60+)
The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program is designed to improve the nutritional status and overall health of low-income seniors by providing them with fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers markets.  Educational information about the benefits, selection, storage, and preparation of fresh foods is also provided to participants.

Aging Network Chore (Age 60+)
Aging Network Chore is a short-term program that provides assistance with personal care and household tasks and assistance with activities of daily living.  This is the only in-home care program for persons not on Medicaid.

COPES Environmental Modifications (Age 18+)
The COPES Environmental Modification program provides physical adaptations to the home of a client. The adaptations must be necessary to ensure the client’s health, welfare, and safety, must enable the client to function with great independence in the home, must be direct and remedial benefit to the client, and without which the client would require institutionalization.

COPES Home Health Aide & Skilled Nursing (Age 18+)
Home Health Aide provides assistance with hands-on personal care, ambulation, exercise, and self-administered medications to clients in their own homes on a visiting basis.  Skilled Nursing services are provided by an RN or LPN, under RN’s supervision, on a visiting basis when the client has temporary skilled nursing needs beyond the scope which can be provided by non-licensed staff.  The service must be medically necessary.

COPES Personal Care (Age 18+)
COPES Personal Care provides assistance with personal care and household tasks.  The client must be determined Medicaid eligible for nursing home level of care.  Financial participation may be required.

Disease Prevention/Health Promotion
Disease Prevention and Health Promotion are services designed to assist older persons in helping to prevent the onset of serious diseases and to promote good health habits and rid themselves of bad ones in such a way as to enhance their lives and prevent premature institutionalization.

Kinship Caregivers Support Program
The Kinship Caregivers Support Program is the full-time care of children by relatives.  Program funds can be used to help pay for the cost of emergent needs incurred by grandparents or other relatives at the time a child (or children) comes to
live with them, as well as after the initial period.

Legal Services (Age 60+) – Northwest Legal Project
The Legal Services program provides access to the justice system by offering representation by a legal advocate.  The focus is on socially and economically needy older individuals who are having legal problems.  Legal problems must be within the priority areas that are established to reflect local needs.  There are limits on the types of client cases that can be handled.

Congregate Nutrition (Age 60+) – ”Senior Meals”
The congregate nutrition is a program designed to provide nutritionally balanced meals to help meet the nutritional needs of older persons.  Each meal served must contain at least one-third of the current Recommended Dietary Allowance.