Heritage Heights

Campus of Care – Vision Summary

The Senior Living Initiative, sponsored by Heritage Heights, has developed a shared vision to “Build a Pathway of Senior Living and Care in the Chelan Valley” over the next 15 years.

The envisioned Pathway is a multi-level system providing for the needs of seniors as they age at different rates, while keeping them connected to the community to which they belong in their home of choice.  The goal is to offer support in a manner least disruptive to the ongoing fabric of their familiar routines, activities, and social relationships.

With different rates of aging, the senior living industry has established benchmarks that the majority of people, 75%, will be able to continue to live in their own homes, which most prefer, whereas 25% will need a higher level of support through a residentially-based program.

The vision of a Pathway encompasses both these eventualities as the need for care increases.  To assist seniors to live in their own homes as long as possible, options will be expanded to receive services affordably–such as caregiving, transportation, and care coordination.  To provide a more supported environment, residential programs will offer higher levels of care, characterized by the frequency of services, availability of staff, and specialized services related to the care of resident conditions.

A campus in which to provide these residential programs is desired by the community for continuity, familiarity, and ease of recognition.  Primary values are inclusive—for the campus to provide all levels of care and to serve all income levels—representing the diversity of the larger community.

The vision for the campus is described as near park-like spaces and walking paths, in proximity to family and friends, close to schools and library, accessible to town and transportation, with windows and direct outside access, available health care services such as primary care, physical therapy, rehab, emergency and hospital services.  In short, a campus that maintains connection.