Geriatric Assessments

A Care or Case Manager (these terms can be used somewhat interchangeably) acts as their client’s advocate in health related issues: communicating with health care providers, educating the clients on processes and procedures, identifying service resources and assisting in securing necessary services.

The Case Manager helps identify appropriate providers and facilities over the entire spectrum of senior services, while making sure those available resources are being used in a timely and cost-effective manner; this ensures that the client and the provider receive maximum value from their interaction. Case Management services are at their best when they are used in situations that allow direct communication between the Case Manager, the client and appropriate service personnel.

Here are a few examples of where a Care or Case Manager would be of assistance:

  • A senior wishes to stay in his/her own home, and the senior’s family wants a professional to monitor and manage the senior’s care services
  • An older adult needs encouragement to make a move or to accept services in their home
  • The senior’s diagnosis or medical needs are complex, and the senior and/or family wants someone that can help give clarity and direction to the necessary treatments
  • A senior’s family lives out of town and wants to have someone monitor the senior’s care or to be available in the event of a change in the senior’s condition
  • A senior and their spouse and/or their family disagree as to the senior’s care needs and support services; the Care/Case Manager can provide insight into what course may provide the most benefit for all parties