Skilled Nursing Care

Nursing homes aren’t what they used to be.  Twenty years ago, older adults moved into nursing homes as a permanent living situation.  Although a small section of most nursing homes still offer long-term care, the trend over the past two decades has been to switch to short-term housing for seniors, with much more emphasis placed on therapies and services that will allow a person to gain strength and regain independence.

The average length of stay in a nursing home has declined dramatically.  It’s not uncommon for people to recuperate for just two to six weeks.  At the nursing home, a person can receive physical, occupational and speech therapy five or even more times each week.  Under the supervision of trained staff and clinicians, medications can be changed and balanced to yield the optimum result of wellness.  The goal of the staff at the nursing home is to help residents improve their ability to manage the activities of daily living and become medically predictable and stable.

Nursing home social workers are required to provide assistance to discharging patients regarding housing and care options.  But, because social workers may help thirty or more seniors discharge from the nursing home each month, they no longer have the time to know the ins-and-outs of each of the housing and care options available in the community.  They may offer the names of several homes or communities they know, but these options may not be the very best matches available in the community.  To be certain you are considering all of your options, it is strongly recommended that you research the various options available.